Dashboards for BR Distribuidora


One of my tasks at Deloitte was to elaborate and facilitate a Design Thinking workshop for the directors of PETROBRAS BR (the largest distributor and marketer of petroleum derivatives and biofuels of Brazil and Latin America) and its executive directors.

The purpose of this wokshop was helping the executive board to understand how to build panels for interpreting consumer, resellers and company employees behaviors, to back up their managerial decision-making process. 

The workshop was presented in 5 steps:
1 - Introduction to Design Thinking approach
2 - Defining challenges and questions
3 - Personas
4 - User journey mapping
5 - Lo-fi prototype

After the workshop, I gathered all the material and worked on a final wireframe to validate with stakeholders.

Then, after the wireframe validations I assisted the data scientist in creating the dashboards using the Tableau data analysis tool.

Some information cannot be applied to the final dashboard because there was a dependency on the data. Some data did not exist or were simply not handled in a way that could be used to build the Dashboard.