POS System


The mission here was to create a new POS System for the forth biggest retail store in Latin America(Lojas Americanas). I was responsible for the UX Research/Design, construction of interactive wireframes with Justinmind and tests with users.

As other projects I worked on, I had to be in continuous contact with the business analyst and the POS users, to understand their needs and desires. Besides, I did an immersive process in the store business flow, observing and learning aspects of the old POS system from its users.

The next steps were getting quantitative information through the human resources department and a benchmarking study, visiting stores and observing the environment. Looking into previous researches I did, I found out that 90% of the POS System users were Android clients and based on this information we chose “Material Design” for the POS System interface.

I found other informations that helped me to make some decisions. For example: The payment in cash, which was the most used payment method and it's stayed with other forms of payment without any prominence or relevance, in the previous POS System.

With these all datas I started the prototyping process, creating wireframes with Justinmind and testing with users and validating with stakeholders.

And after validate visual design process, when we already had a stable version of the system we decided to make user test to find somethings that only the experience with the equipments that compose the scenario, could show to us.