Wish list for landmarks.com


In this freelance work, I was invited to make a wish list for the mobile website (responsive) Landmarks.com, one of some online stores of Landmarks Group. First I studied the current UX/UI of the website, then I searched for researches about Dubai internet user behaviors.    

To understand and validate if users need or want a wish list I did an online interview with some users of the actually website and users that never used the landmarks.com. After that I did a benchmarking of examples of wish list.

I designed a simple user flow...

And sketch the screens with pencil and paper:

I validated each step of my work with the client and in some cases I need to adjust somethings. When I had a first wireframe prototype I decided to test it with brazillian users and when I finished the iterate process (design > test > improve) I decided to start the visual prototype. 

Finally I tested the visual prototype with others users and again, I make some improvements before deliver the final interface design.